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Chestbrah rope climb

Chestbrah rope climb

f you have a strong upper body, you may be able to climb a rope without even using your feet. And while this is a great Rope Climb Exercise, it is far from easy and not what a beginner should shoot for. Anyone first learning to climb a rope should learn how to use their feet to assist them and even “brake” on the rope so they don’t slide down and lose ground. Using your feet can also help conserve your upper body energy if you need to be efficient and do more than just a single climb. However, you don’t only want to rely on using your feet when you climb. You also want to develop a stronger upper body so that you can climb faster and even work toward the rope climb without your feet. Below are some tips and ways to use your feet during Rope Climbs as well as some Rope Climb Variations to help you build upper body and grip strength.
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