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Chest an Push Up Home Workout

Chest an Push Up Home Workout

Most of the exercises targets chest primary, but triceps and shoulders are also involved. Intermediate/Advanced Exercises: Archer / Side to side push ups Spiderman push ups Grasshopper / Core rotation push ups Diamond grip Push ups Crucifix push ups (on palms and fingertips variation) Basic level: Staggered push ups Decline & Incline / Elevated push ups Wide grip push ups On the knees (supported variations): Regular push ups Diamond grip push ups crucifix push ups Archer / side to side push ups Be careful and always start from basics. Form and quality first. These are not the most absolute difficult and extreme push ups, but great variations to target full chest but also triceps, shoulders and core. The exercises can be modified making them possible for performers at different levels. Of course reps/sets can be increased/reduced as well.
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