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Cardio Exercises for Kids

Cardio Exercises for Kids

Along with adults, it is important for kids also to practice some form of cardio exercise. There are a number of cardio exercises for kids, which you may want to include in your child's daily schedule. Most kids today are becoming couch potatoes. They are happy playing video games, and watching TV, etc. They rarely go out in the open and indulge in some exercise. Some easy and fun cardio exercises are good option for a workout for kids. If the child gets bored with an activity, chances are high that he will not want to undertake that activity again. It is also best to choose an activity, which the child can perform with a partner. Having said that we will now see, some interesting and fun-filled cardio exercises, which your kids will enjoy. Fun Cardio Exercises for Kids Cardiovascular exercises are those which elevate the heart rate. At the same time, the heart rate is also elevated for a considerable amount of time, after the person has stopped doing the exercise. For kids, it is important that they practice cardio exercises regularly, which will take care of their heart health. There are different types of cardiovascular exercise, some of which, can be practiced regularly. Running and Jogging Running and jogging is one of the best cardiovascular exercises for kids. You can encourage your kid to run or jog in the park close to your house. It is best if your kid has a partner for the activity. They can compete with each other, which will be a healthy encouragement and motivation. They may want to try sprinting for some distance. If they find it boring, then they can opt for games which include running or jogging. Dance You can also enroll your kid for a dance class. Dance is an efficient weight loss exercise for kids. It will not only give them an exercise, but it will also keep them busy with fun. If enrolling for a class is not possible, then you can switch on some music at home and encourage the kids to enjoy a dance. Parents can also join and have some fun with the kids. Swimming No doubt swimming is one of the best cardio exercises for children. You can make your children do some laps, which will give them a great aerobic workout. It will help in increasing endurance and stamina. Parents may also choose to swim with the kids. A kids pool is a good place for the children to hang out and make new friends too. Jumping Rope Another cardiovascular exercise is jumping rope. If the weather is not conducive for the children to go out, then they can jump rope at home. The kids can also do this exercise outside with children from the neighborhood or with their siblings. There are many different versions of this exercise, which can make it fun and interesting. Tennis If your kid is an outdoor person, then tennis will give him a good exercise and workout. Playing tennis helps in working on different muscle groups in the body. It also helps in improving hand eye coordination as well as agility. If the child takes keen interest, he may also try to pursue it as a serious sport activity at a competitive level. Bicycling Kids enjoy bicycling with their friends. They can cycle around in the neighborhood. It will not only give them a good cardio exercise, but it will also give them some adventure and fun. Cycling is not as harsh on the joints as running, jogging, etc. It will help in increasing their endurance and stamina. You can also take your kids bicycling on the weekends as well. Along with these activities, you can also go hiking with your children on nature trails. They will not only learn about the flora and fauna, but they will also get a good exercise. It is best to let the kids opt for a cardio exercise which they enjoy. At the same time, you can alternate between various cardio exercises to keep them interested in their exercise routine.
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