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Best Adjustable Dumbbells

Best Adjustable Dumbbells

Of all the exercise equipment, dumbbells are my favorite. One can buy adjustable ones and start working out at home itself, without having to worry about visiting the gym. These days, a number of people have taken to exercise seriously. One of the important exercise equipment is the dumbbells. They are of immense help in strength training. Therefore, it is not uncommon to see people buying different sizes of this equipment for their home. This is especially true in case of people, who find it difficult to visit a gym. It comes in different weights. However, would it not be great if adjustable ones are used instead of buying this exercising weight in all sizes? There is an added advantage of having them at home. Women can perform the exercises easily by adjusting weights. Increasing and decreasing the weights is not a difficult task either. We will now see what some reviews have to say. Reviews The adjustable dumbbells are not only a cost-effective and space-efficient solution for working out at home, but they are also versatile. Using them, one can do unlimited number of exercises. The adjustable versions are available in three types of mechanisms: dial control, selector pin, and quick release mechanisms. Each of these mechanisms have their own advantages and disadvantages. Stamina Versa-Bell Adjustable Dumbbell Pair With this pair, there is a number of weight settings. One can adjust the weight anywhere between 5 to 25 pounds. It comes with 2.5-pound weight increments. With this set, you will be able to make use of as many as 9 different sets of dumbbells. The locking mechanism used in this equipment is the dial mechanism. It also has a display, which shows the weight you have opted for. It has 8 painted steel plates for each handle and a durable heavy-duty nylon weight tray. PowerBlock Classic Adjustable Dumbbell Set This set is perfect for both men and women. It is known for its solid and sturdy structure. It may not be among the cheap, adjustable ones, but it is the best to use. The appropriate weight can be adjusted using just one step. It makes use of the selector pin mechanism. Hence, all you will have to do is to move the selector pin to the appropriate weight slot before use. One can use the equipment having weight from 5 to 45 pounds. Padded handle and wrist protection are among the added advantages of this equipment. Bowflex SelectTech 552 Dumbbell Adjusting them is easy as it uses the dial control mechanism, up to 52.5 pounds. The best part is that they feel very similar to the traditional ones. The only disadvantage is that it can be a little awkward to bring together, after one makes the adjustments. Yet they are more comfortable as compared to a number of other dial control mechanisms in adjustable versions. Doing dumbbell exercises using the adjustable ones is convenient and easy. There is a myth that with this equipment, one is not able to work out as one would with the conventional equipment. However, as I said, it is a myth. If one has the right and the best adjustable exercising weight, then the experience of using it is like using the conventional ones itself. Instead of cheap ones, it is better to opt for used equipment. With the cheap ones, there is a possibility that you will injure yourself.
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