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Arm Toning Exercises

Arm Toning Exercises

Toning exercises help you lose fat as well as build muscles. During this process, the muscles in the arms tear and get replaced by new muscles. The loss of fat and gain of muscles makes your arms look well-defined and toned. To make your arms look beautiful and attractive you have to tone them. The exercises focus on losing fat from the arms and building muscles in the arms. Losing fat from arms is quite a difficult task because, there is no effective way known for spot reduction. You need to follow a weight loss regimen that involves the entire body to burn fat effectively. The sure shot way to lose fat from all over the body is to perform cardiovascular exercises and follow a balanced diet. For arm toning, on the other hand, you need to perform weight training exercises. Start with light weights to avoid injuries like muscle cramps and fatigue. When you lift heavy weights, you tear some of the muscles involved in the workout. The body repairs the damage and replaces the loss with new muscles. This is the reason why people working regularly with weights tend to have well-defined and toned arms. There are some exercises, which have been designed to involve more and more of the arm muscles. Such exercises are commonly known as arm toning workouts. The result of performing them properly on a regular basis, is well-toned and shapely arms. The exercises are often divided into biceps and triceps exercises, according to the muscle group targeted by them. Biceps are the two muscles, which are located on the top of your arm, while triceps are the three muscles present at the bottom of your arm. Biceps Toning Exercise 1: One of the most basic biceps toning exercises, is barbell curls. To perform this exercise, stand erect and grab the barbell with your arms. The distance between the arms should be approximately equal to shoulder width. Keep both the arms straight towards the floor and the elbows locked an inch from the sides. Now, lift the weight towards your chest in a curling motion. Try not to move your elbows and back. Your aim should be to bring the weight to the point of contraction, right in front of your chest. You will need to squeeze your biceps to achieve this goal. This particular action serves the purpose of involving the biceps in the workout. Hold the weight in the manner described above for one or two seconds. Bring the weight down and keep it back on the floor in a controlled manner. A repetition of 12 curls is sufficient for beginners. Also, begin with a moderate weight, which you can lift without straining yourself. Exercise 2: Stand straight on the floor. Hold a dumbbell in each hand and place both hands on the sides. Move your right hand in upward direction. Make sure that it forms a right angle with the floor. Bring your arms closer to the body while performing all these movements. The idea is to bring the weight towards your shoulder in a semi-circular motion. Squeeze your upper arm at the point of contraction. Move the right arm back to its original position at the side. Perform all the given movements with the left arm. Repeat these motions for a count of 15 by each arm. This particular toning exercise with dumbbells is called alternate dumbbell curls. Triceps Toning Exercise 1: Take a sturdy table, chair, or any surface, which is solid and has an edge. Sit on it. Place your arms near or slightly under your hips with palms facing down. Lift your body while balancing the body weight on hands. Simultaneously, move the hips forward. Bend the elbows and bring your hips down. Make sure that you keep the hips very close to the chair and do not bend the elbows lower than 90 degrees. Keep the shoulders down while you are in this position. Push your body back on the chair without locking the elbows. This exercise is called tricep dips. A count of 10-15 dips is enough to start with. Exercise 2: Stand erect with the feet placed at shoulder width distance from each other. Lift a dumbbell with each arm. Make sure that the weight of the dumbbell is comfortable for you. Raise the dumbbells over your head such that both the arms are fully extended. Do not lock your elbow joints or else you may end up with muscle cramps and strains. Stay in the suggested position for about a minute, and then slowly bend your elbows to lower the dumbbells at your back. Your elbows should make a right angle. Raise the dumbbells slowly. Come back to the starting position in a controlled manner. Wait for a second, and again perform the same movements. Do it for a count of 15 in the beginning. You can gradually increase the number of repetitions as you get comfortable and confident. Choose an exercise regimen that suits your needs and comfort, and includes the above-mentioned arm workouts. Work upon the exercise routine for about a month to notice the desired result in your arms.
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