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10 Popular Fitness Gadgets Like Fitbit

10 Popular Fitness Gadgets Like Fitbit

Fitness gadgets have come a long way than what they were a few years ago. Today, there are a number of gadgets and devices as small and compact as a bracelet that you can wear while exercising. They are much smarter, accurate, and can even track your sleep, leave aside just walking. Read on to find out more about fitness gadgets like Fitbit. The winter chill is in the air, and with this season come a number tempting holiday treats, laziness, and the urge to hibernate indoors snuggled in a warm blanket. Fortunately, in today's digitized world, there exist gadgets that utilize wireless technology, physical activities, social media, and other tools to make the couch potatoes get up and exercise. You feel great when you know that you've burned extra calories and have reached your goal for the day. These gadgets help you take that extra step towards a healthy life. Fitbit is a popular name in the world of fitness gadgets. It tracks your daily activities just like its elder cousin, pedometer. Moreover, it also tracks your sleep cycle, calories burnt, calorie intake, heart rate, and distance traveled. The device can be synchronized wirelessly and you can upload all your stats on the app. The best part - it is portable and of size of a bracelet. Simply tracking your daily activities is a good way to stay fit and motivated to take the stairs each time or walk half a mile more. These devices track your movements throughout the day and show you how much you've actually moved. And if you haven't, it'll keep reminding you! Let's check out some more fitness gadgets similar to Fitbit. Alternatives to Fitbit Nike+ FuelBand As we all know, Nike is a giant brand in the sporting world, it has made a remarkable entry into the world of fitness gadgets. Nike+ FuelBand is a stylish creation of Nike that fits around the wrist easily and shows your daily activity stats with the help of LED lights. However, it does not track your sleep patterns. The wireless synchronization is possible and it can also double up as a wrist watch. The motion sensors capture your activity throughout the day and converts it into 'Nike Fuel' points. It also counts the steps you take everyday. Jawbone Up Another stylish wristband that monitors your fitness is Jawbone Up. It is slimmer as compared to Nike+ FuelBand and also tracks your sleep quality and patterns. It also acts as a sleep alarm while you are asleep. It also has a vibration alarm system that reminds you to move if you've been idle for too long. It doesn't synchronize wirelessly. However, it doesn't have a screen unlike its competitors. You will need to plug your device into a mobile to get all the data. This comfortable and mid-priced band could the one for you as long as you don't mind using your smartphone each time to access the data. Garmin VivoFit The Garmin VivoFit is a discrete and sleek wearable wristband that's comfortable and looks attractive as well. It allows you to wirelessly manage and share your data through the online community of Garmin. It displays your heart rate, keeps a track of steps you walk everyday, and also shows the number of calories burned. It also monitors the sleep cycle and highlights the periods of proper sleep. It keeps reminding you to walk in case of any prolonged intervals of physical activities, and it expects you to take a longer walk rather than just a quick trip to the washroom or kitchen. It has balancing features and is safe to wear in water. Withings Pulse It is a clip-on fitness gadget to monitor your progress everyday. You can clip it onto your clothes or keep it in your pocket. It captures the number of steps you take everyday, distance traveled, and amount of calories burned. You can also track the elevation climb and check your heart rate. You can see the stats on the LED screen, and also sync the data to your smartphone via Bluetooth. The disadvantage is that it is not waterproof and does not remind you of any activity in case you are lagging behind. It is supported by the Withings Health Mate app to check your stats. Motorola MotoActv Can't workout without listening to music? Then Motorola MotoActv is the one for you! It not only keeps a tab on your workout routines, calories, heart rate, and distance traveled, but also figures out which songs motivate and pump you up the most, and then creates a playlist accordingly. What's more? You can have up to 4000 songs playing on your wrist. Misfit Shine The rubber bracelets are taking over the market because of the high-tech jewelry that it is. You can wear it like a bracelet, necklace, or even clip-on. You can call it an elegant activity tracker. It monitors your motion whether you are walking, running, cycling, or swimming. The app allows you set certain goals, and shows the progress through LED lights. It also tracks your sleeping habits and wirelessly syncs all your data in your smartphone. Moreover, it is waterproof too. LG Lifeband Touch One of the giants in the world of electronic household goods has also jumped into creating fitness devices. The OLED touchscreen on the band allows you to check your daily activities. It shows stats like steps taken, calories burned, distance traveled, elevation, heart rate, and also tracks messages from Android or iOS devices. This device is also compatible with apps like Runkeeper and MapMyRun. You can also answer incoming calls and listen to music when paired with a smartphone. Runtastic Orbit This gadget is similar to Fitbit and has a versatile and excellent OLED display. It tracks your sleep cycle, steps taken, and calories. It is waterproof, and comes with two wristbands and clip, giving you the freedom to wear it as you like. It has a silent wake-up alarm that you can set, and an idle alarm that would remind you to move every time. However, it doesn't have an altimeter to keep a tab on the stairs climbed. It doesn't show the calorie intake unlike other devices. Although it monitors the steps taken, it doesn't display number of miles you actually walked. Polar Loop Polar Loop is the recent entry in the world of wearable fitness gadgets. This waterproof wristband tracker can be worn even when you are swimming, and also shows the time of the day. The LED screen shows the metrics of calories burned, steps walked, and sleep cycle. It also monitors the heart rate, alerts you in case of prolonged hours of inactivity, and allows you set your daily targets. It is supported by the Polar Flow app to keep a check on your daily fitness regime and progress. It is also compatible with the latest smartphones. Skechers GO Walk It is best if you are looking for a device that performs basic tracking functions. It records the number of steps taken everyday, shows the distance walked, calories burned, and sleep patterns. It easily syncs with iOS devices via Bluetooth, and makes it easy for you to track your progress and set daily goals. These were some popular fitness gadgets like Fitbit that you can consider. The best fitness gadgets are the ones that you would want to keep using day in and day out. Choose an activity tracker that you may personally find motivating and suitable to you, synchronizes automatically with your devices, and watch yourself merrily walking on the path of becoming a healthier you!
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